Haida Red-Diamond Reverse Graduated ND1.2 (4 Stop) Multicoated Filter 150x170mm

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Haida Red-Diamond Reverse Graduated ND1.2 (4 Stop) Multicoated Filter 150x170mm


Haida’s latest line, Red Diamond filters, promises all the advantages of the Nanopro filters and are engineered to be the toughest line of filters in Haida's current offerings. The Red Diamond filters feature a shock-and-scratch-resistant design, making them ideally suited to the harsh challenges of outdoor landscape photography.

 Haida Red Diamond Filters feature an ultra-thin Nano Multicoating that retains superb image sharpness as well as delivering true color with zero color cast. The Red Diamond series is double the strength of a normal glass filter, which provides for a low risk of accidental breakage. With a waterproof, oil and fingerprint proof Nanopro coated surface, this filter is easy to clean and ideal for use in harsh environments due to its scratch resistance. Quality and convenience come together with the R5 rounded corner design making insertion into the Filter holder much easier.

Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filters are the perfect filter for sunrise and sunset images. With the darkest effect occurring through the middle of the filter and then slowly fading as it reaches the top, this filter is great for addressing overexposure at the horizon line. These filters are rectangular in shape (150x170mm) to provide more flexibility to move the filter up or down within the holder to precisely position the graduation line, for ultimate create control.

Haida filters ship in a protective metal case and are compatible with many of the most popular 150mm filter holders available today, including Haida 150mm Filter Holders, and the Lee SW150 Filter Holder..

      What is included

      • 1x Reverse Graduated ND Filter 150x170mm
      • 1x Case

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      Haida Red-Diamond Reverse Graduated ND1.2 (4 Stop) Multicoated Filter 150x170mm
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