Godox LR160 LED Bi-Color Ring Ligh Dimmable 3300-8000K (Pink)

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Godox LR160 LED Bi-Color Ring Ligh Dimmable 3300-8000K (Pink)


  • The Pink LR160 Bi-Color Ring light from Godox features a distinctive-shaped light fixture with a color temperature that's variable from 3300 to 8000K to match other fixtures, ambient light conditions, or just for creative expression.
  • The light is mountable to an optional grip head or stand, allowing you to shoot through it for a silky smooth near-shadowless effect that is flattering to your talent's complexion.
  • -Ideal for selfies, a smartphone holder is included, while a mirror is also included for posing.
  • Another bonus is the unique circular shape of the light that is reflected in your subject's eyes.
  • You can make color and light intensity adjustments from 10 to 100% with two knobs on the fixture.
  • The LR160 runs on AC power via its included adapter, but it can also be powered by two optional NP-F970 lithium-ion batteries in locations where mains power is unavailable. 


  • Color: Pink
  • DC Power Supply: 16V/1.5A
  • Power: Approx.18W
  • Lithium Battery: 2*7.4V Lithium battery(NP-F970)(Separately sold)
  • 100% Brightness(lux) : Below 400(1 meter)
  • Brightness Adjustment: Adjustment
  • Color Temperature: 3300K~8000K
  • LED Beads Quantity:160
  • Light Brightness Rang: 10%-100%
  • Operation Temperature:-10-50°C
  • Weight: 1.21kg / 2.67 lb
  • Size: 49.2 * 59 * 4cm / 19.37 * 23.23 * 1.57in


  • 1 x LED Ring Light (Pink)
  • 1 x Mirror
  • 1 x Phone holder
  • 1 x Adapter


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Godox LR160 LED Bi-Color Ring Ligh Dimmable 3300-8000K (Pink)
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