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Godox Portable Flash Softebox Kit For Speedlight Speedlite 32"X32" with S-Type Bracket and Grids

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This is a portable and versatile softbox  with S-type bracket designed for speedlites. 
By diffusing the flash lighting, the softbox creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots.
With velcro design, easy to install the softbox.
Collapsible S-type Bowens Bracket:
-S-type bracket combines other fours (L-type Bowens, T-type Bowens, L-type speed ring, T-type speed ring). 
-No pre-assembly and post-disassembly. 
-Unique speedlite mounting way: mounted horizontally or vertically by wrapping speedlite body.
-Reliable mounting: no Velcro requirement, no pressure on hotshoe, no metal scratches on speedlite.
-Mount size is adjustable to fit all brands of speedlites and even Godox AD-360.
-Umbrella input hole is available and adjusting lighting direction with handle is supported.
-Bowens mount adds most studio flash accessories, e.g. speedlite, softbox, reflector, beauty dish, etc.
This set with carrying bag, smaller size less occupied space, convenient use.
  • Soft box size: 80 * 80cm / 32 * 32inch
  • Color: Black & White
  • -S-type Bowens Bracket
  • Material: Durable plastics
  • Structure: Compressed and flat structure takes up little space.
  • Installation: No pre-assembly and post-disassembly.
  • S-type Bracket size: Approx. 15 * 5.5 * 22cm / 5.9 * 2.2 * 8.7in
  • S-type Bracket Weight: Approx. 435g / 15.3oz
  • Package size: 34 * 24 * 8cm / 13.4 * 9.4 * 3.1in
  • Package weight: 1200g / 2.4LB
Package List:
  • 1 * Godox S-Type Bracket 
  • 1 * Softbox
  • 2 * Carrying Bag
  • 1 * User Manual 
  • 1*Grid
Remarks: The strobe head and light stand is not included

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Godox Portable Flash Softebox Kit For Speedlight Speedlite 32"X32" with S-Type Bracket and Grids
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