360 Degrees Rotating Time Lapse 90 Min Tripod Adapter

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color:  Black
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Height:43mm
  • Weight: 192g
  • Max. Load Capacity: 3.5kg
  • Time setting range: 90 minutes 
  • Set direction: Clockwise
  • Running direction: Counterclockwise
  • Adapter Screw: UNC1 / 4 "
  • Mounting screw: UNC 1 / 4"
  • Reminder Duration: ≥5 seconds
  • Mini, ultra-portable, can be carried in your pocket.
  • Precision, metal shell, load-bearing parts of the whole use of metal devices.
  • 360 degrees of any angle adjustment, automatic rotation.
  • With a universal 1/4 screws with 3/8 screw, easy to fix on a tripod and so on.
  • Small head has great wisdom, simple operation and practical.
  • Distribution of transfer screws to support multiple 360TL superimposed acceleration rotation.
  • Suitable for small cameras such as SLR, small camera, micro-single; motion camera, IPhone, Android and other smart phones are also very applicable.

How to Use:
Before use, if the device is not at the starting position, it needs to be turned anti-clockwisely to "Timelapse/./90min/end", the starting point (please do not turn it too forcefully and surpass this point). Install the camera on top of it, and then turn it to the time position you desire, and it will start to rotate slowly as the time elapses. When time is up there will be an alarm for 3 seconds.

Please do not turn it anti-clockwisely directly at "Timelapse/./90min/end", and do not turn it back and forth all the time in order to avoid interal damage.

What is included

  • 1x 90 minutes Time lapse.

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360 Degrees Rotating Time Lapse 90 Min Tripod Adapter
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