DC-s 72(W) 72mm super wide angle lens hood

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DC-s 72(W) is designed to be mounted on super-wide-angle lenses with a standard filter thread with a width of 72mm. DC-s 72(W) is designed for lenses with 63°-101° diagonal picture angle (corresponding to lenses with 18 - 35mm focal length on 35mm cameras). The lens hoods with screw mount can be mounted fast and precisely within a few seconds on any lens with a standard filter thread: 1. Screw the lens hood into the filter thread of the lens. (By completely screwing in, the hood is firmly connected to the lens.) 2. Turn the hood backwards until the white triangle is at 12 o'clock. (The higher sides of the hood are exactly in the correct perpendicular position.) 3. Fixate the hood with the lock ring in that position. (Hold the hood with one hand in the correct position and apply the lock ring with the other hand like a lock nut.)

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DC-s 72(W) 72mm super wide angle lens hood
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