GGS Swivi S2 3x Foldable Viewfinder Loupes For DSLR Video Camera with 3.2" 3:2 LCD (D810,5DIII)

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LCD foldable viewfinder is optical viewfinder designed for LCD real-time view-finding of digital camera. Quite different from Optical Eyepiece viewfinder, direct LCD screen view-finding with 100% field of view but without any vision difference. Really what you see what you get.

Completely block the environment light source and uniquely magnify LCD image and reveal the detailed photography. The features make it possible to real-time view-finding and image-viewing on the occasions of portrait photography, micro-distance photography, advertisement photography or conference photography. Also ideal for HD video photography and manual focusing photography. In addition, a helpful aid for the short-sight users like older users under magnifying mode.

Feature 1 Unique  two View-finding modes

Magnifying mode and Regular mode. Quick mode switch and Convenient photography

Feature 2    3X Magnifying mode

Under 3x magnifying mode, because of the environmental lights blocked completely and magnifying LCD images by 3x eyepiece optical system with positive meniscus lens, thus provide images in clear details, high contrast and  brilliant color. And create amazing similar 3D-image effect.

Feature 3    Eyepiece system with Optical positive meniscus lens

This design offers eye tiredness relief effectively.

Feature 4    Diopter Adjustment

+3 diopter adjustment and long eye-relief design, comfortable for the glass wearers whoever short or long sighted.

Feature 5    Smart Click-clips connection

Smart click-clips connection, easy for set-up or removal. No need of any other adapter. Only with optional GGS LCD screen protector attached to DSLR camera, which not only protect the LCD screen but also realize the quick connection between Perfect Foldable Viewfinder and DSLR camera.

Feature 6   Rotatable eyecup

Rotatable soft eyecups with ergonomic and aesthetic design. Comfortable view-finding or image viewing for practical right or left eye users.

Feature 7    Aesthetic cosmetics

Melted with appearance design of original DSLR camera, naturally match and perfectly integrate with DSLR camera.

Installing a Swivi Viewfinder is quick and simple.
Start by cleaning your LCD screen with a soft cloth then remove the protective paper on the adapter frame, align it to
your LCD screen and press. Rest the camera down on the LCD screen for 24 hours to let the weight of the camera evenly
set and ahere the adapter frame to your LCD. Once the adapter frame is properly attached to your LCD simply snap the
viewfinder on to the adapter frame. For quick removal of the viewfinder simply press the release button on the bottom of the viewfinder.

  • 3x optical magnification
  • Sunshade hood
  • Adjustable diopter
  • Rotatable eye-cup for comfort/user preference
  • 2 framing modes : Magnification 3x and Standard 1x
  • Supports 3.2" LCD with ratio 4:3 and is compatible with 3:2

  • Lens: 3 piece/group
  • Magnification: 3x
  • Diopter: < 3
  • Transmittance >90%
  • Lens Aperture: 40mm
  • Support: 3.2" 4:3/3:2
  • Mode: Magnification/sunshade
  • Screen size 66.6mm x 48.7mm
Package Includes
  • 1x SWIVI Viewfinder S2
  • 1x Adapter Frame
  • 1x Lanyard 
  • 3.2" LCDS with 4:3/3:2 ratio
  • Canon 1DX, 5DIII
  • Pentax K3, 645Z
  • Nikon D4, D4s, D800, D800E, D600, D610, D7100, DF

    Note: this item is 3 times(3x) magnification,not three items included.

      (the Camera in photos is NOT included)

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