JJC-SR-F2 Multi Terminal Remote Control for Sony A7R A7 A7S A7II A7SII A7RII A6500 A6300 NEX-3NL RX10 II III RX100II III IV Replaces RM-VPR1

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JJC SR-F2 Remote Commander is specially designed for Sony cameras and camcorders. You can use the remote commander to operate a camera or a camcorder that has a Sony Multi Terminal or REMOTE Terminal. The working distance of SR-F2 is up to 1m / 3.28'. It allows you to record movie / still images without vibrations. The remote commander has basic recording functions (power on / off, video / still image recording, zooming and displaying grid line). With locking function, JJC-SR-F2 is ideal for Bulb long exposure and successive shots. No need for battery, the remote commander is lightweight for storage and transport. With the inbuilt 1/4"-20 female thread and the removable clip, the remote commander can be attached to most of devices. JJC SR-F2 replaces Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Commander.


Product Highlights

  • No need for battery
  • For Sony cameras and camcorders
  • Includes 2 cables for Multi or REMOTE terminal
  • Working distance is up to 1m / 3.28'
  • Replaces Sony RM-VPR1 
  • Can be attached to other devices via the included clip 
  • 1/4"-20 female thread on the backside 


Using the Cable for Multi Terminal: 

  • Power on / off camcorders and activate cameras
  • video / still image recording
  • Allows motor-driven lens to zoom
  • Displays grid line
  • Locks the shutter for long exposure and continuous shots


Using the Cable for REMOTE Terminal

  • Allows to focus and release shutter
  • Locks the shutter for long exposure and continuous shots



SR-F2 is compatible with a camera or a camcorder that has a Sony Multi Terminal or REMOTE Terminal. A part of suitable cameras and camcorders have been listed in the following chart



Camcorders   AZ1VR、AX33、PJ790、PJ660、PJ510、PJ390、PJ230、CX510、CX390、CX290、CX220、CX405、CX900

A99II、A99、A77、A65、A58、A57、A55、A37、A35、A33、A580、A560、A550、A500、A450、A900、A700、A350、A300、A200、A100 (Tips:only for release shutter function)

A58 (zoom button is not available)

Mirroless Cameras A6500、A6300、A6000、A5100、A5000、NEX-3NL、A7R、A7、A7S、A7 II、A7S II、A7R II
Cyber-shot Cameras

RX100 IV、RX100 V、RX10、RX10 II、RX10 III、RX100 II、RX100 III、HX80、HX300、HX50、WX300、WX200、WX60、WX500、HX400V