LanParte Follow Focus FF-02 w/ 2 Hard Stops for 15mm Rods

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Quick Release Opening Rod Clamp: Opening Rod Clamp design make you can quickly & easily clamp it onto 15mm rod.

Completely gear-driven design for slip-free, accurate, and repeatable focus movement

  • AB Stops Function: Focus Integrated with A/B Hard Stops which have easy begin/end setups for fast repeatable racking between two points, so the focusing lenses that have no hard stops (such as Canon EF lenses) can now be easily achievable; Also you can pull focus anywhere as you wish and easily track the previous lens position setting with focus indicator on the wheel.
  • 1:1 gear ratio allowing smooth movements for still and motion picture 35mm lenses
  • Adjustable slide-mounting mechanism to fit large range of lens diameters, including video camera lenses
  • Interchangeable drive gears including 0.8 film pitch and fujinon pitch (for fujinon video lenses)
  • Easily switchable to either side of camera
  • 3D marking disk allow focus marks to be easily viewed by operator or assistant
  • Standard arri-style accessory port in focus wheel for attaching whip, speed crank, etc.
  • Industry-standard 15mm lightweight (60mm spacing) rod mounted (rod support not included with microFollowFocus bundle)
  • Optional reversing gear for focusing nikon and pentax lenses the 'correct cinema' direction
  • Machined with high quality, machined aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Lightweight design
  • Also works great with DV and HD/V built-in camera lenses


  • Fit Rail Distance: 60 mm
  • Fit Rod Diameter: 15 mm
  • Gears Dial Index Adjustment: 360°
  • Gear MOD: industry standard 0.8mm
  • Gearbelt fits lens diameter 30mm~92mm
  • Total Weight: 538g


  • LanParte Follow Focus x 1
  • Matching Gear Belt x 1