Lanparte VMP-01 V-Mount Height Adjustable Baseplate

Title :

Lanparte VMP-01Adjustable V-Mount Baseplate With Quick Release

Lanparte Bridgeplate is processed by high precision machine. With quick release plate ,V mount apply to VCT-14.There are two 3/8" and one 1/4" on the mount

Item Specification:

  •     Height adjustable (range 40mm)
  •     15mm rod system
  •     Get two 300mm rods for free
  •     Quick release plate with 1/4" and 3/8" screws
  •     Spirit level
  •     Vct-14 mount and 1/4 and 3/8 screw holder
  •     Compatible with follow focus,matte box
  •     Hollow-out design for weight reduction

What In Package:

  • 1 x Lanparte Adjustable BasePlate VMP-01
  • 2 x Lanparte  300mm*ø15mm Rod.
    Note: VCT-14 mount plate is not included

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Lanparte VMP-01 V-Mount Height Adjustable Baseplate
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