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Godox TT685C 2.4G HSS E-TTL Wireless Speedlite Flash For Canon

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Godox TT685C 2.4G HSS E-TTL Wireless Speedlite Flash For Canon

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Flash
  • Compatible with TTL Autoflash
  • 100 metres further transmission
  • Guide Number 60
  • Bounce Flash
  • TT685C camera flash applies to Canon EOS series cameras and is compatible with E-TTL II autoflash. With this E-TTL II compatible flash, your shooting will become simpler.
  • Two Transmitting styles to offer creative light effects:
  • Optical transmission with even illumination and stable output
  • 2.4G wireless transmission with all-in-one functions and 100 metres further transmission
  • Master & Slave Flash:
  • As master flash to trigger Canon Speedlites, e.g. 600EX-RT, 580EX II, etc in TTL or Manual mode.
  • As slave flash to receive signals of Canon Speedlites, e.g. 600EX-RT, 580EX II, etc. and wireless commanders of pop-up flash on Canon 7D, 60D, or 600D, etc.
  • Full TTL Functions:
  • Supports HSS (max. 1/8000s), FEC, FEB, FE lock, front & rear curtain sync, modelling flash, control with the camera's menu screen, etc.
  • TTL Wireless Flash Trigger X1C offers Better User Experience (Sold Separately):
  • With 2.4G wireless transmission, X1C (for Canon) can be be used to trigger camera flash, studio flash and camera shutter over 100 metres distance
  • Support for E-TTL II autoflash, 1/8000s High-speed sync, Flash Exposure Compensation, Flash Exposure Lock, Modelling Flash, etc.
  • With wireless grouping system (max. 5 groups & 32 channels) to satisfy various shooting requirements
  • Big LCD panel to offer convenient operation
  • Convenient Dot-matrix LCD Panel:
  • With dot-matrix LCD panel to offer clear and easy operation
  • Use 4 function buttons to change various settings according to different situations
  • Turn the select dial to choose the amount of the settings
  • Withstanding Overheating and Useful Functions:
  • GN60 (m ISO 100, @ 105mm, 22 steps of power output (1/1 - 1/128)
  • Approx. (0.1-2.6s recycle time, 230 full power flashes (using 2500mA Ni-MH batteries)
  • Support TTL/M/Multi/S1/S2 modes, 20-200mm auto/manual zooming
  • With C.Fn custom function settings
  • Type
  • Compatible Cameras: Canon EOS cameras (E-TTL II autoflash)
  • Guide No. (1/1 output @ 200mm): 60(m ISO 100), 190 (feet ISO 100)
  • Flash Coverage: 20 to 200mm (14mm with wide panel); Auto zoom (Flash coverage set automatically to match the lens focal length and image size), Manual zoom, Swinging/tilting flash head (bounce flash): 0 to 360 degrees horizontally and -7 to 90 degrees vertically
  • Flash Duration: 1/300 to 1/20000 seconds
  • Exposure Control
  • Exposure control system: E-TTL II autoflash and manual flash
  • Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC): Manual. FEB: +- 3 stops in 1/3 stop increments (Manual FEC and FEB can be combined.)
  • FE lock: With <FEL> buttom or <*> button
  • Sync mode: High-speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second-curtain sync
  • Multi flash: Provided (up to 100 times, 199Hz)
  • Wireless Flash
  • Wireless flash function: Master, Slave, Off
  • Controllable slave groups: 3 (A, B, and C)
  • Transmission range (approx.): Optic: Indoors: 12 to 15m / 39.4 to 49.2 ft., Outdoors: 8 to 10 m / 26.2 to 32.8 ft.; 2.4G: Master unit reception angle: +- 40 degrees horizontally, +- 30 degrees vertically; 2.4G: 100m
  • Channels: Optic: 4 (1, 2, 3, and 4); 2.4G: 32 (1-32)
  • Slave-ready indicator: Two red indicators blink
  • Modelling flash: Fired with camera's depth-of-field preview button
  • Autofocus Assist Beam
  • Effective range (approx.): Centre: 0.6-10m / 2.0-32.8 feet / Periphery: 0.6-5m / 2.0-16.4 feet
  • Power Supply
  • AA batteries: Ni-MH batteries (recommended) or 4 x LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Recycle time: Approx. 0.1-2.6 seconds (eneloop Ni-MH Panasonic batteries). Red LED indicator will light up when the flash is ready
  • Full power flashes: Approx. 230 (2500 mA Ni-MH batteries)
  • Power saving: Power off automatically after approx. 90 seconds of idle operation (60 minutes if set as slave)
  • Sync Triggering Mode
  • Hot shoe, 3.5mm sync line, Wireless control port
  • Colour Temperature
  • 5600 +- 200K
  • Dimensions
  • WxHxD: 64 x 76 x 190mm
  • Weight
  • Weight without battery: 410g
  • Weight with battery: 530g

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Godox TT685C 2.4G HSS E-TTL Wireless Speedlite Flash For Canon
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