Sevenoak SK-W05 Handheld Stabilzier Stedicam fr Video Camera DVs

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Sevenoak SK-W05 Stabilzier Stedicam for Video Camera DVs

Sevenoak Handheld Video Stabilizer SK-W05 is a compact and precise camera stabilizer that uses counterweights and gimbal to help you keep your camera steady when shooting video-eliminating distracting camera movement for smoother, more professional- looking movies. It can support camera up to 2.25kg

A fore-and-aft fine adjustment screw and adjustable counterweight help to keep the camera balance and stable, and a bubble level is built-in to check the camera’s balance. A comfortable padded hand grip minimizes fatigue when shooting with SK-W05.


  • Stabilizes camera to minimize camera shake
  • With fore and aft fine adjustment knob
  • Super-smooth gimbal
  • 3PCS Additional counter weights (248*2, 365g*1) for adjusting the balance
  • 92mm rubberized camera mounting plate adjustable, Anti-skip
  • Maximum weight capacity: 2.25kg
  • Bubble level in horizontal position for easily seeing whether keep the balance
  • Rigid Aluminum construction
  • Weight and compact, easy to operate
  • Comfortable hand grip


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • 1/4'' male screw for camera
  • Load Capacity: 2.25KG
  • Handle grip length: 11cm
  • Weight: 248 ±1g; 365 ±1g
  • Item net weight: 598g

What’s included

  • 1x Sevenoak Handheld Video Stabilizer SK-W05
  • 3x Weight (248*2, 365g*1)

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Sevenoak SK-W05 Handheld Stabilzier Stedicam fr Video Camera DVs
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