Sunwayfoto Discal Clamp 58mm DDY-58

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  • Name:Discal Clamp DDY-58
  • Model:DDY-58
  • Whole Length:75mm
  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Thickness: 15.5mm
  • Weight:65g
  • Mounting Hole:UNC3/8"-16


This Discal Clamp is high precise CNC machined. With integral screw-know clamp fits to all Arca-swiss standard quick-release plates. Use Metric 6 flat head screw to mount onto a ballhead. Can be mounted onto UNC3/8" threaded post.

Key Features:
1. This Discal Clamp is precise CNC machined. With integral screw-knob clamp fits to all Arca-swiss standard quick-release plates.
2. Anodized to a scratch-resistant, black finish.
3. Screw-knob clamp
4. Captive knob
5. Safety stop relief grooves preventing your equipments from droping accidently
6. With hollow out design, base on the stability to reduce the weight
7. Using M6 screw, to mount onto a AS style ballhead, then it can be a screw-knob clamp to accept any Arca-swiss standard quick-release plates. And can directly mount onto tripod and monopod.
8. Using two 1/4 camera screws, can be installed onto the bottom of our Panning Clamp DDH-03, then both the top and the bottom of this combined Panning Clamp has the screw-knob clamp. Then this Combined Clamp can not only be installed with quick-release plate on both top and bottom side simultaneously, but also having the panning function.