WONDLAN Panorama DSLR LCD Viewfinder 2.5X

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Description of "Panorama" series viewfinder
      Panorama series incorporate lightweight, high strength ABS material with elegant design, which are stylish, light, professional and top grade. Surface of the product incorporates professional surface treatment technique the same with that of high-end DSLR cameras with fine workmanship and top quality. Panorama series match perfectly with DSLR cameras, allowing operators more professional and high-end in DSLR shooting.
1. parameters of "Panorama" series viewfinder are as follows:
2.5 times
Screen size
3 inches (or less)
Eyecup diameter
External dimension
Body weight
2. Installation of "Panorama" series viewfinder:

A, fixed by binding (standard configuration)
A pair of strong elastic silicone wire (standard configuration) is directly fixed to the SLR camera body; the fixed manner is simple and convenient, which is affordable.
Image 1
B, fixed by adjustable bracket (optional configuration)
one set of aluminium alloy bracket (including a switchover base) can be selected
Switchover base allows the whole equipment attach with Wondlan Sniper Series or varies tripods by bracket fixing with SLR camera.
Image 2
Unique "adjustable bracket":
(1)The bracket allows "Panorama" viewfinder adjust upward, downward, left and right, "Panorama" series become the only viewfinder that suitable for any brand SLR cameras with 3 inch screen.
(2)Viewfinder can be moved to one side of camera simply and quickly through bracket, allowing you switch quickly no matter whether you use or not use the viewfinder. This feature allows "Panorama" series become the fastest switching viewfinder of similar products.
(3)Configured base of bracket can be attached and work with other equipment with DV screw.
(4) Bracket incorporates aerometal materials, which is light and compact, precisely manufactured by CNC with excellent workmanship. The surface is processed professionally with excellent quality.
Features of "Panorama" series viewfinders
1, Shading effects of "Panorama" series viewfinders

when SLR camera is used in the open air, viewing and playback on the camera’s LCD screen is often affected by the sun,"Panorama" series viewfinders completely solve this problem.
2, Zoom and focus features of "Panorama" series viewfinders
"Panorama" series configuration is high-quality optical lens with 50mm diameter and 2.5 times magnification, allowing clearly show 3 inch LCD screen with "Panorama" and your focus in shooting video become very simple and easy through the Magnified image by viewfinder. 50mm diameter lens is the largest of its kind product, which enables image display brighter, more thorough, no hidden corners. Besides, 60mm observation port of "Panorama" series viewfinders also allows your view comfortable and convenient no matter whether wear glasses.
3, stabilization of "Panorama" series viewfinders
SLR camera should be hold with both hands and be away from body in capturing video, which can not be supported by the 3rd point, and then there is no stabilization in capturing video. However, with mounting the "Panorama" series viewfinder, both hands and eyes become three points, of course video capturing is stability and aesthetic.
Wondlan "Panorama" series video DSLR viewfinder will become the perfect matched tool for video capturing of DSLR camera.
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