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Wireless Flash Trigger/ Shutter Release Remote Control for Canon

RF-603 wireless flash trigger consist of two similar transceivers, namely two or more transceivers can be used at the same time to control camera or flash lights in order to meet your requirements in creation.


Preparation Before Using:
1.Channel setting
Slide to open the battery cover in the direction of the arrow, and use the dip switch to set two transceivers as the same channel, otherwise,it is unable to control. In order to avoid interfering each other, please set different transceiver into different channel.

2.Battery installation
Open the battery room, install two AAA batteries for each transceiver according to the "+/-" marks shown. Follow the arrow and slide the cover oppositely to close the battery room.

3.Power on/off
Slide the power switch to ON, and the power indicator will light(green),slide the power switch to OFF to turn off.


How to Fix and Install:
1.Fix on light stand
Transceiver can be fixed on the rack with fixing clip such as light stand bracket(B Type) by hot shoe mounting foot. Switch the flash power off, and install the flash on the hot shoe of the transceiver, lock the flash and ensure all are fixed well.

2.Fix on camera
The transceiver can also be fixed on the hot shoe of the camera by hot shoe mounting foot.RF-603C for Canon camera,RF-603N for Nikon camera.


One camera controls one or more flashes and studio flash lights.Purchase different YONGNOU studio flash light control PC cable according to different studio flash light.
a. Wireless studio flash light trigger sync
1).Insert the PC cable plug with nut into the PC socket of transceiver, and screw down the nut.
2).Fix the transceiver near the studio flash lights, and insert the cable plug with jack into the control socket of studio flash lights.
3).Install the transceiver on the hot shoe of the camera, press the release shutter button of the camera, the studio flash lights and the camera will flash synchronically./
b.Wireless several flash lights trigger sync
1).Install the flashes on the hot shoe of the transceiver directly,or connected the studio flash lights with PC cables.
2).Install the transceiver on the hot shoe of the camera, all the flash lights will by triggering synchronously when shooting.
c.Shutter release remote control
The product may achieve remote shutter release/wireless remote shutter release, in support of single frame, continuous photograph, delay and bulb shutting modes. And the modes shall be set on the camera before using. Meanwhile, additional YOUNGNOU 2.5mm shutter connecting cable needs to be purchased, which will vary with cameras, current connecting cables are almost available for all main DSLR.
1).Single transceiver can be used as a remote shutter-release,place a transceiver on your hand or fix near the camera,and use special shutter cable between the shutter socket of camera to the transceiver.
2).When it is used as wireless remote shutter release,fix one transceiver on the hot shoe or near the camera,use special shutter cable between the shutter socket of camera to the transceiver,and hold the other transceiver.
3).Switch on the camera and the transceiver,press the button halfway of the transceiver which on you hand,and the camera will focus,press the button completely to shoot,meanwhile,the red button indicator will work.

If the camera fails to focus,it may take no photograph even signal recived,adjust the focus mode to "M"(manual)for the lens.
d.Creative flashing: handhold the flash for remote shooting with flash triggering sync
Take the RF-603 on the flash light as shutter release remote control with flash trigger synchronously,which is suitable for photographers to adjust distribution of light,additional YOUNGNOU 2.5mm shutter cables shall be purchased for the function.
1).Install the handhold flash on the hot shoe of the transceiver as transmitter.
2).Fix one to the camera on a tripod,install the other transceiver on the hot shoe of the camera as receiver,and connected with specially shutter cable to the external shutter socket of the camera.
3).Aim at the object by flash,press the shutter release button of the transceiver on the flash for remote shooting,and the flash will be triggering synchronously. Change the angle of the object by handhold flash to trigger for different lighting effects shooting.
The function is available for single frame shooting mode only.
If the camera fails to focus,it may take no photograph even signal received, adjust the focus mode to "M"(manual )for the lens.
e. Remote shooting with flash trigger sync
Several RF-603 combination using, purchase additional YOUNGNOU 2.5m shutter cables and the single RF-603 transceiver at least.
1).Install the transceiver on the hot shoe of the camera, which will be connected with the external socket of the shutter with the shutter cables.
2).Install the flash on the hot shoe of the transceiver, or connected with PC cable to studio flash lights.
3).Handhold the third transceiver as a remote control transmitter, press the shutter release button halfway of the transceiver to focus, press the shutter release button completely to remote shooting with flash trigger sync.

When it is used for combination of RF-603 control of cameras and flash lights, as the cameras have different reaction time, the shooting time may be small different.

Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system
Transmission Distance:100m
Shutter Release: half-press, full-press
Shutter Interface:2.5mm socket
Studio Flash Light Interface: standard PC socket
Stand-by Time: over 45hours

Suitable for:

NIKON D3 D2 D700 D300S D300 D200

Package Including:

1x transmitter+1x receiver+1x shutter connecting cable+1x manual