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Z-shape Offset Raised Clamp Fr 15mm DSLR Rig Follow Focus

Title :

Z-shape Offset Raised Adapter / Clamp / Bridge for shoulder pad of 15mm DSLR rig and follow focus

The Offset Raised Railblock for 15mm rods, is essential while building a shoulder rig in which you need to place the dslr body right in front of your face for use with an LCD Loupe/Viewfinder or monitor. The bridge is standard 15mm diameter on 60mm spacing so that it can be used on many support rod systems..



  •  Material: Aluminium
  •  Very strong but lightweight
  •  Technics: CNC digit control technique, surface black
  •  Assemble accessories: Dia.15mm rods (60mm centre to centre)
  •  M6 screw (L type) lock
  •  Blue screw lock knob


Package Including

  •  1x Z-shape Offset Raiser for shoulder pad


If you’ are using a Battery Grip on your camera or if you a’re using a Canon 1D MKII your camera will already be raised significantly, so we would recommend our Straight Offset Rail-block, which has zero rise.

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Z-shape Offset Raised Clamp Fr 15mm DSLR Rig Follow Focus
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