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Haida 82mm Nanopro Magnetic ND3.0 (1000X) Filter With Adapter Ring


Haida Nanopro Magnetic ND3.0 (1000X) Filter With Adapter Ring 82mm

The NanoPro Magnetic ND 3.0 filter provides a 10-stop reduction in light while darkening the entire image. The included adapter ring screws on to the front threads of your lens and allows the ND 3.0 filter to attach magnetically.

Haida's NanoPro Magnetic filters can be stacked with other magnetic filters from Haida without vignetting.

Haida Magnetic ND Filter Features

  • Adapter accepts Conventional 82mm Lens Caps and can be left on your lens
  • Optical Glass. No Color Cast
  • Hardened, Easy Clean Top Coat Water, Oil, Dust, Fingerprint & Scratch Resistant
  • Haida Magnetic Filters Are Fully Compatible and Interchangeable with Kase & ICE Magco Magnetic Filters
  • Swap Filters Super Fast. Up to 4 Haida Magnetic Filters can be Stacked
  • Extremely Lightweight. Filter and adapter Weighs Around 0.8 oz
  • Thin Profile. Ideal for Wide Angle Lenses

What is included

  • 1x 82mm Magnetic ND 1000 Filter
  • 1x 82mm Adapter ring

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    Haida 82mm Nanopro Magnetic ND3.0 (1000X) Filter With Adapter Ring
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