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Haida HD4721 Cell Phone Anti-Reflection Lens Hood


Haida HD4721 Cell Phone Anti-Reflection Lens Hood

Nowadays, the photography function of our cell phones is more and more advanced, so lots of people take pictures by their cell phones directly. However, in some cases like shooting through glass or anything reflecting, it can’t perform very well. At this time, what you need is Haida Cell Phone Anti-Reflection Lens Hood!

On the airplane or in the car, or in a hotel room, anywhere photography through the window or glass, the lens hood will help to remove the glare by day and reflections by night. Rather than attaching to the glass, you’re free to move around, change your angle, and adjust your camera settings without detaching anything and leaves no marks on the glass.

Compatible with following phones

  • Apple iPhone: 11/11Pro/12/12Pro/XR/XS/X
  • Samsung Galaxy: S21/S20/NOTE 10

 What included:

  • 1x Anti-Reflection Lens Hood-Model S

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Haida HD4721 Cell Phone Anti-Reflection Lens Hood
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