Leofoto FDM-02 Binocular Rangefinder Rail Kit

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The Leofoto FDM-02, is a versatile accessory rail kit designed to cater to various applications. Primarily tailored for rifle sports enthusiasts for mounting optics and telemetry equipment, this kit is also well-suited for other industries requiring a stable and adaptable accessory rail.

The comprehensive kit comprises four essential components:

BPL-200 Double Arca Long Rail (200mm / 7.87in):

Arca profile on both the bottom and top, offering versatile mounting options.

Bottom profile facilitates movement within an Arca clamp for accommodating diverse equipment.

Large top-mounted bubble level for quick and precise leveling, essential for level panning and accurate measurements.

LH-22 Ball Head (FDM Ver.):

Versatile and adjustable accessory designed to securely hold spotting scopes or cameras.

Ability to independently maneuver one of the installed items, ideal for tracking moving targets.

Note: This LH-22 variant is uniquely integrated with an Arca clamp, ensuring easy attachment to the rail.

DDC-38 Clamp Package:

Compact and solid bi-directional quick-release system for easy and secure mounting.

Orientation adjustability using the included allen wrench.

NP-60S Quick Release Plate:

60mm quick release plate for efficient equipment attachment.


  • Length: 200mm / 7.87 in
  • Weight: 515g / 1.14 lb
  • Kit Composition: BPL-200 + LH-22 + DDC-38 + NP-60S


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Leofoto FDM-02 Binocular Rangefinder Rail Kit
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