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LED DV Camcorder Video Hot Shoe Lamp Light CN-160
This super lightweight 160-piece-LED video light can be used in video taking and lights setup or supplement, the light intensity can be changed to offer professional effects. Feature Compact design, high power, good durability, low heat output. Compatible with five...
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PRO 240 LED BI-COLOR DSLR DV Hot Shoe Lamp Light CN-240CH 3200K-5400K W/ LP-E6 Addapter & Barn Door
The CN-240 is a Dual Color LED Video Light with a color temperature  range from 3200k– 5400k and is dimmable from 5%-100%. Specifications: Input Voltage: 7.2-8.4V /DC 100-240V AC (adapter buy additionally) Power: 7.6W Brightness: 720 Lm illumination ( LUX...
$99.99 $39.99
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Sale! LYNCA LY-105 Decompression Massage Camera Strap
With soft and comfortable padding, it provides both massage function and decompression function, helping to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue, giving you a perfect shooting experience.Features: -Designed for reducing pressure when users carrying the large DSLR camera. -Made of superior...
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LEOFOTO L-D850 L BRACKET FOR NIKON D850 Model:  L-D850 Length: 120mm Width: 39mm Height: 87mm Net Weight: 105.4g Jaw Length: 96mm Mounting Screw: UNC1/4"-20 LEOFOTO PNL-D850 custom L bracket for Nikon D850, CNC cutting machined from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, stain...
$72.00 $38.50

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