Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit for 100mm Series Filters

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Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit for 100mm Series Filters

Featuring a new quick release design, the new Haida Filters M10 filter holder allows for fast filter installation and ease of operation. First install the adapter ring, then the holder, then it's just an easy "drop-in" process to inserting filters.

The new design allows the round circular polarizer filter (CPL) to be clipped into the holder, which does away with annoying screw in threads, allowing for quicker setup times. With less time spent on assembly you have more time to spend on the creative process.

The drop-in round filter design is simple to operate. The included CPL will lock in to place with just a push, and can be easily removed by pulling outward on the filter. The CPL mount has a 3-gear linkage design, and once the top gear is turned the CPL will rotate smoothly. A light sealing ring can be inserted into the CPL slot when the drop-in CPL is not being used to prevent light leakage.

The M10 100mm filter holder is made from aviation grade aluminum and PC materials, resulting in a strong and durable filter holder that is also lightweight. The M10 holder is designed to allow for use of up to 2 filters (100x100mm or 100x150mm) as well as the round CPL on a full frame camera at a focal length of 16mm without vignetting. A full 360-degree light gasket is fitted to prevent light leakage on long exposures, and an 8cm textured non-slip cotton strip on the base of the holder frame provides added grip, reducing the risk of filter breakage.

The M10 Filter Holder System includes the following items:

  • 1x Holder
  • 1x Adapter Ring
  • 1x Light Sealing Ring
  • 1x Drop in mount for round circular polarizer (included with this holder!)

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