3 Rollers Studio Wall Mounting Background Support System w/ Hooks Chain

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3 Rollers Studio Background Support System w/ Hooks Chain

This Expan Background Drive Set inserts into 3 paper/muslin/cloth background rolls. The chain assists in raising and lowering the background. Comes complete with 3 plastic drive chains(color may varied). They can be fixed on the Light Stand, Background Stand, Wall or Ceiling

It is very easy working with full length background paper/muslin/cloth. The expans fit into each end of the tubes, then fit firmly onto the hooks. Using the Expans on hooks will enable you to hang 3 rolls of paper/muslin/cloth.

Expands from 46mm to 78mm in diameter.

Please note: For savage paper background,the expand fit the tube comes with Savage background

What's in the box

  • 2 x 3-fold Background Hooks
  • 3 x Drive Rollers set
  • 3 x Chains with Weights (color may varied)
  • x Expansion Bolt