Extendable Reflector Holder Arm W/ Swivel Grip

Title :
This is a 3 section extension arm designed to hold reflect disc and panel of different sizes and shapes,Reflectors need to be able to point in any direction and this holder allows you to do just that. It extends from 32" to 72" , tilts and rotates in any direction.

  • Extends to hold reflectors from 32" to 72" wide
  • Tilts and rotates
  • The two  grips hold on to the rim of the reflector. You may adjust the length to accommodate the size
  • Attaches to standard light stands

Package Included:
  • 1x extending reflector holder boom arm
  • 1x Metal universal swivel
  • Lightstand and Reflector NOT included

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Extendable Reflector Holder Arm W/ Swivel Grip
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