Jinbei 65cm 25" Folding Spherical Diffuser Softbox With Elinchrom mount

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- Jinbei 65cm spherical diffuser softbox provides one of the most natural and even lighting in portraiture.

- It replaces the standard reflector and softens and disperses the light output almost 270 from the source.

- It's ideal for interior lighting and indoor photography, decor, architecture, etc.

- Cinematographers use a spherical diffuser for the soft lighting and bare bulb effect, which is perfect for location lighting.

- It also gives high power soft light and with a strong sense of hierarchy, which reflects by the center to the edge, from the high spot to the weak light gradient.

- It can better reflect the gradual change of portraits eye and skin color and films a scene full of light evenly.

- Easy to setup in minutes and perfect for location or studio use 


- Diameter: approx. 65cm

- Material: stainless steel, Nylon skeleton, and single canvas

- Net weight: 1.6kg



- 1 x  Jinbei 65cm Folding Spherical Diffuser Softbox