Leofoto G20 Gear Head with with Plate Arca Compatible

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The Leofoto G20, a versatile mid-sized 3D geared head designed for precision adjustments on three axes, coupled with a panning clamp mount compatible with Arca-swiss styled plates. Distinguishing itself from the smaller G2 model, the G20 features a crucial enhancement—it incorporates panning not only at the top but also at the bottom.
Capable of supporting a weight load of 20 kg, the G20 weighs in at 0.68 kg (in comparison to the G2's 0.36 kg). Standing at 81 mm in height (compared to the G2's 62 mm) and 75 mm in width (G2 is 60 mm), the G20 provides a larger and more versatile option. With an extended range of movement at 15 degrees (compared to G2's 10 degrees), this geared head ensures precise adjustments for diverse photography needs.
Enhanced features include two spirit levels positioned on the sides of the head, offering improved leveling accuracy. Pair the G20 with any Leofoto ballhead for quick adjustments and leverage its capabilities for meticulous fine-tuning, whether for macro, architectural, or telephoto landscapes.


  • Panning Base Diameter: 75mm (Includes QP-70N plate)
  • Stainless steel precision screw and brass slider
  • Height: 81mm
  • Mounting Hole: UNC3/8"-16 (11mm depth)
  • Max Load: 20kg
  • Weight: 680g
  • Dual-axis adjustments of +/- 15 degrees
  • Horizontal, tilting, vertical: 3 axes can be controlled separately

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Leofoto G20 Gear Head with with Plate Arca Compatible
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