Leofoto LQ-324C Mr. Q Tripod with LH-40 Ball Head

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Leofoto LQ-324C Mr. Q Tripod with LH-40 Ball Head

Product Specifications

  • Max. height (w/o center column): 1395mm/54.9''
  • Max. height (with center column): 1685mm/66.1''
  • Folded length: 580mm/22.8''
  • Leg Section : 4
  • Min. height: 165mm/6.5''
  • Max load: 15kg/33lb
  • Weight: 1.98kg/4.4lb
  • CNC tripod , Hard anodize
  • 10X Layers Carbon fiber tubes:
  • 32/28/25/22MM



The axle panel is equipped with three removable screws. Screws 1 and 2 can be moved down to prevent the panel from turning, and screw 3 can be moved up to prevent the head from turning. 

It not only retains the compact and portable features of the LS series, but also combines the powerful functions of the LM series to achieve the cross-border peak: Mr.Q. 

According to the different conditions of the ground, the rubber foot mat can be unloaded and replaced with metal foot nails. The rubber foot pad can protect the smooth floor very well, and the metal foot nail has strong grip, so it is suitable for outdoor work. 

1. Central locking system. 

Five-axis high-speed precision carving, 0.5mm pitch rectangular display processing of the central control locking knob, feel good bold "Q"-shaped opening design, rotating half a circle can complete the elastic shape design is equally ingenious, the curved handle surrounds the circular base, does not take up space. 

2. Central control safety buckle and 1/ 4 "screw hole. 

Using the five-axis linkage process, the safety buckle can be pressed to remove the central axis or panel. 1/4 "expansion screw hole can be used with Laito AM-1 or AM-2 series magic hands to take pictures of cameras and mobile phones at the same time. 

Mr.Q adds a 3/ 8 "expansion screw hole on the other side. 

Both sides are equipped with anti-rotation system, can be used with  AM-3, AM-4 high lock magic

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Leofoto LQ-324C Mr. Q Tripod with LH-40 Ball Head
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