SunwayFoto DDC-60LR Arca Swiss Compatible Lever Release Clamp

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  • Name:lever-Release Clamp DDC-60LR
  • Model:DDC-60LR
  • Jaw Length: 60mm
  • Width: 85mm
  • Height: 15mm
  • Weight: 113g
  • Thread: UNC3/8"
  • Colour: Black
  • Package W. : 282g


DDC-60LR Lever-Release Clamp, 60mm jaws. With 3/8 UNC mounting hole.(DDC-50LR with 3/8, DDC-42LR with 1/4-20").  Can be mounted onto our ballheads or Arca-swiss,RRS, Kangrinpoche ballheads. Use Metric 6 flat head screw to mount onto a ballhead. Can mount onto 3/8 threaded post.

With spirit level, 
safety stop relief grooves. (Spirit level is removable)        

Easy Loading: In one quick action, clamp can go from fully closed to fully open.         
The lever can be stopped in 3 positions:  fully closed;  half open; and,  fully open. 

1. The half-open position allows the camera/lens plate to slide within the clamp for positioning adjustment.     

2.  Can set for L or R handed use

solid and easy to operate.        

Can set width to match your brand of plates

All SUNWAYFOTO Lever- Release clamps are user-adjustable,  can fit plates from different manufacturers as RRS,Markins, Arca-swiss, Acra Tech etc.  

Using Lever Release Clamp                                                 Lever Release Clamp Left-Right Convertible

Warning: please not to unscrew the clamp jaw too far in case the Lever coming apart!

Sunwayfoto lever-release clamps can compatible with all Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates, but due to wide variations in other brands of Arca-style compatible plates, we recommend using our lever-release clamps only with quick release plates from single manufacturer.

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1x DDC-60LR Lever Release Clamp

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SunwayFoto DDC-60LR Arca Swiss Compatible Lever Release Clamp
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